The Resilience of the Japan

Japan's Emperor Akihito, reflecting on the events of the Tohoku Earthquake that devastated the country, has voiced his praises for the resilience of the Japanese people. He has expressed his deepest gratitude to the world and the Red Cross for their aid in critical times for his Nation.

Looking back at the difficult year that 2011 was for the Japanese people, it was also a demonstration of how they are able to overcome unbelievable odds and fatality with hard work and unity. How has the Japanese people managed in these times of darkness? As soon as rescue efforts cleared, efforts to rebuild Japan from the ground up began almost immediately.

Although, severely affected by the disaster, the Japanese people tried to carry on their lives normally. However supplies, in some parts of the country were scarce. Food and Medicines were difficult to get to. Resulting to alternative methods to get their provisions. For example buying their groceries and medicine from online supermarkets to many other websites. As for the infrastructure of the country, early reports showed the amazingly speedy rebuilding of roads and buildings.

The opulent society of Japan also had to rationalize in the past year and many sacrifices had to be made, superfluous expenses were avoided. Also, luxury items are also seeing low sales. As reports state that, even though the Japan economy is hurting it has shown the capacity to look ahead in a bright future.

Even with a promising tomorrow ahead, the challenges that the Japanese people face are difficult. Their status as one of the World's leading influential nations, doesn't give them any margin of error. Also the political climate in Asia needs for Japan's guidance in times of trouble.

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