The Red Croos in the Japan Earthquake

Once the Tohoku Earthquake hit Japan, and the devastation became evident, Organizations from all over the world offered their assistance almost immediately. The Red Cross provided shelter and comfort to people forced to evacuate from their homes. Since early on communication with different organizations all over the world were established in order to let them know about the humanitarian needs. The Japanese rescue organizations have indicated that they accept financial support from their American colleagues for its role providing first aid, emotional support and relief items to those that were displaced by the Earthquake.

The Canadian Red Cross also provided and offered their assistance, helping monitor the situation closely and also offered assistance with emergency supplies and personnel if required by their japanese colleagues.

The magnitude of the Earthquake, the tsunami and the devastation it left behind, despite monumental efforts fro the local volunteers, it became obvious that they were facing a scale of catastrophe that no one could have foreseen. To this day the effort to rebuild Japan is still in effect, and you can help by contacting your local Red Cross and inquiring more about the many efforts available.

The Tohoku Earthquake left behind massive, unbelievable destruction, we all can help the victims of this disaster, by contacting the Red Cross.

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