Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Memorial

It was Friday, March 11 on the year 2011, nearing 3pm, when the Earthquake hit Japan in the Coast of Tohoku (the World will come to know this disaster later as the Tohoku Earthquake). Registering at an staggering 9.0 magnitude in the Richter scale this would become as one of Nature's biggest disaster in the past 100 years. It was so powerful that moved Honshu (Japans main province, the largest island) 2.4 m east and it shifted the Earth on it's Axis by estimates of between 10cm and 25cm. And that was just a part of it.

The devastating Earthquake triggered an extremely destructive tsunami. Wave up to 40.5 meters, travelling up to 10km inland, wiping everything at its course. Trees. Cars. Houses. Entire neighborhoods, gone in a blink of an eye. A total of 15,813 (confirmed) casualties, 5,940 injured and 3,971 people missing across eighteen prefectures. Material losses have been estimated on more than $300 billion, making it the most it the most expensive natural disaster on record.

We are a website dedicated to preserve the memory of this disaster's victims, its consequences and the inevitable rise of the mighty and brave Japanese people, in other words the Rising Sun Recorder. We seek to make the memory of the people that are no longer here and that this terrible catastrophe, the Tohoku Earthquake, is never forgotten.

The Resilience of the Japan

After the earthquake, the Japanese have shown that with sacrifice and hard work they can overcome anything. Food and Medicines were difficult to get, which resulted in alternative methods to get their provisions, for example getting medication from abroad through some websites. Many sacrifices have had to be made in all aspects of life.

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